We revolutionize materials development cycles through AI-driven methodologies

Materials are everywhere around us – in aeronautics, aerospace, packaging, coatings, textile, batteries, solar cells – and they shape our daily lives. The materials market needs to comply with more and more demanding requirements in terms of innovation and sustainability, especially due to the paradigm shift towards carbon neutrality for 2050. Yet materials development cycles are slowed down by a lot of manual tasks and trial-and-error approaches.

The promises of Artificial Intelligence are now becoming a reality. We leverage and implement state-of-the-art AI-powered technologies to drastically accelerate the whole materials synthesis cycles and reduce the waste during those development phases.

We are working with well-renowned academic and industrial partners to help the materials industry shift from pure chemical and physical intuition to data-driven approaches.

About Osium AI

Our Machine Learning models enable to accelerate the materials development cycles from discovery to characterization and synthesis at scale.

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